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Home plaque

I was reading The Individualist by Todd Rundgren a while back, and the saying “Home is where the fart is,” stuck in my brain.

When we moved into our house in Santa Fe, I made a plaque with that saying on it to hang near our front door. My sweetie loves it.


Top-down view of cholla and epoxy bowl

Side view of cholla and epoxy bowl

This is a bowl I made from cholla and red-tinted epoxy. It’s about 8 inches in diameter and about 5 inches high. The cholla was collected in our yard near Eldorado at Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Side view of cholla and epoxy bowl

Side view of cholla and epoxy bowl

Side view of cholla and epoxy bowl

Bottom view of cholla and epoxy bowl

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closed box holding screwdriver set

open box holding screwdriver set showing inside of lid

open box with screwdrivers and inserts removed

This is a screwdriver set I made for a swap on Lumberjocks. Or perhaps turnscrews, as I based them off London Pattern Turnscrews from an old Marples catalog. Then I tweaked them to match turnscrews sold by Swan early in the 20th Century.

They are sized to fit wood screws of even sizes from 2-8.

The #2 is made from citrus wood I got from Dave “KelleyCrafts” Kelley in one of my first swaps. It sandwiches a piece of 3/32 bubinga veneer I had left over from making my brace till.

The #4 is apple, from a crab-apple tree that was in my front yard in Minnesota. Craig Marble helped dry and mill it for me. The inner layer of the sandwich is ash.

The #6 is Bradford pear I received from Kenny “HokieKen”, sandwiching some bubinga again.

The #8 is mimosa I received from Pottz, with ash as the meat in the sandwich again.

The box holding them is (I think) cocobolo I got from EarlS (the infamous “box of Earl’s shorts”). The top and bottom of the box are box elder that came from Jeff “jeffswildwood.” The top has added spalted sweetgum from Cory McIlroy, juniper from Sycamoray, and wormy chestnut from Dick “recycle1943”. The insert in the box is some spalted soft maple (I think) that I got from Kenny in a different swap, plus some birds eye maple I got for making frame stock for a buddy in Minneapolis.

Marples London Patten Turnscrew

Swan London Pattern Turnscrew

Interior of box with turnscrews removed

Detail of box lid

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