Peekachello Art is a collection of things created by Dave Polaschek. The main categories are Woodworking, Tools and Photography, though I am still building out the site, and the Tools section is still pretty thin.

“Peekachello” is one of the names for Kokopelli that my sweetie came up with when she couldn’t remember “Kokopelli.” I liked the sound of it, and imagine that Peekachello is a strange New Mexico Pikachu / Kokopelli hybrid. There’s a picture in my brain, and maybe I’ll have to figure out how to draw to get it out.

When I tried to describe Peekachello, I came up with the following: Peekachello is a cross between Kokopelli, a DDG image search turns up mostly modern images, crossed with Pikachu. Cute, smol, with a joyful flute and a hunched back. But also electric and definitely a trickster. Yellow and turquoise seem likely colors, and red cheek spots do not seem out of place.

In any case, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. If I find a good image, that’ll definitely appear here.