Altai Project Logo Carving

Carved logo, with a ruler to show scale

I’ve been a supporter of the Altai Project for a while. I think they’ve been doing good stuff for a part of the world very few people know about. Note: as of summer 2024, the Altai Project is no more, but the Eurasian Wildlife and Peoples is doing the same sort of work, just not in Russia.

Anyway, when I was looking for a “tweener” project earlier this week to fill the time while waiting for finish to dry on the bench I’m working on, I decided I’d try to carve their logo, since it’s not too complicated.

Altai Project logo

I think it came out ok, and I like the way the grain worked with the carving. It’s about a ⅜ inch thick 4 inch square piece of birch. Had a #3-30, a #3-6, and a #6-6 out on the bench, plus I started making a new narrow skew, using one of the blanks from the Mountain Woodcarvers clearance store. It’ll end up being a 2mm wide skew or a #2-2, and will help get down into skinny corners. Only had a couple slips, but there’s a little glue holding the sheep’s leg on now after one of the slips.

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