Peekachello Art


Cholla and resin lamp, unlit

After making a couple bedside lamps, I wanted to make a version more suitable as a nightlight. This is the result, a lamp in which the LEDs shine through the resin, illuminating it from within. The light is a yellow glow that turns red farther down into the resin. Not perfect, because the hole in the resin for the batteries is slightly (less than a millimeter) too small, so the battery case is protruding a bit, but it’s usable, and I can always fix it later.

Cholla and resin lamp, lit.

Meanwhile, my sweetie isn’t sure which of the three lamps she’d like next to the bed now. This one is definitely the best as a nightlight, but doesn’t give off enough light to read by.

This was the most difficult to assemble of the lot, so I was thinking that if it wasn’t a hit, I probably wouldn’t make another, but it came out well enough that maybe I have to after all.

#project #lamp #nightlight

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